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from 399.00


from 399.00

Lion, 30"x 48" Oil on canvas with butterfly wings, gold leaf, and resin.

Rise until lambs become lions.


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Lion, 30"x 48" Oil on canvas with butterfly wings, gold leaf, and resin.

Rise until lambs become lions.


Inspired by an intense spiritual conversation, I became newly connected to the symbolism of a lion on a deeper level. I found the quote “Rise until lambs become lions” which reinforced that the spiritual journey is one of transformation. One universal sign of transcendence in every archetype and myth is overcoming fear and the limitations of the material world but in order to do that we must face and overcome our lower embodiments. My conversation used the mouse, chicken and sheep to describe those lower stages, but Joseph Cambell speaks of a myth with similar purpose: 

JOSEPH CAMPBELL: When you are a child, when you are young and a young person, you are a camel. The camel gets down on its knees and says, “Put a load on me.” This is obedience. This is receiving the instruction, information that your society knows you must have in order to live a competent life. When the camel is well loaded, he gets up on his feet, struggles to his feet, and runs out into the desert, where he becomes transformed into a lion. The heavier the load, the more powerful the lion. The function of the lion is to kill a dragon, and the name of the dragon is “Thou Shalt.” And on every scale of the dragon there is a “Thou Shalt” imprinted. Some of it comes from 2,000 years, 4,000 years ago. Some of it comes from yesterday morning’s newspaper headline. When the dragon is killed, the lion is transformed into a child, an innocent child living out of its own dynamic. And Nietzsche uses the term, ein aus sich rollendes Rad, a wheel rolling out of its own center. That’s what you become. That is the mature individual.

The “Thou Shalt” is the civilizing force, it turns a human animal into a civilized human being. But the one who has thrown off the “Thou Shalts” is still a civilized human being. Do you see? He has been humanized, you might say, by the “Thou Shalt” system, so his performance now as a child is not simply childlike at all. He has assimilated the culture and thrown it off as a “Thou Shalt.” But this is the way in any art work. You go to work and study an art. You study the techniques, you study all the rules, and the rules are put upon you by a teacher. Then there comes a time of using the rules, not being used by them. Do you understand what I’m saying? And one way is to follow…and I always tell my students, follow your bliss.


11" x 14" Signed Art Print on Satin Paper (unframed)


18"x24" Metal Print

Printed on Aluminum with high gloss surface for unsurpassed detail and vibrance. 

-1/2" float mount, ready to hang (shown in photo)

-High quality, archival inks last a lifetime without fading.

-No need to frame, however, low profile will accommodate framing if desired. No need for glass as the glossy coating is thick and protective.

Other sizes and color changes upon request. 

Commissions for original paintings using your photos, or inspirations are welcome!